about to watch true blood finale…. just watched bey’s preformance on the vma’s, life=complete.

about to watch true blood finale…. just watched bey’s preformance on the vma’s, life=complete.

photos r hard

And then the internet devoured itself whole.

So… Starfucker is the greatest band that I’ve never heard of.

"Leave it all behind" is especially fantastic



I thought I’d make a post summarizing Taylor Swifts video “Shake It Off” for the people who don’t want to give her more hate views on VEVO. Maybe instead of giving her 4,000 angry views on youtube we can just give her my one view and reblog this hella so no one else watches it out of irritable curiosity? 

Anyways the video is basically just her dancing singing an anthem that every White person appropriating another culture says, “The haters gonna hate.” There’s no real content or plot to the video, just a lot of dance shots where she’s being really awkward. It’s actually amazing how someone could really pretend to be so innocent and naive yet still convey a very harmful message.

Above I posted some screen caps of the video and after only watching it once I got all I needed to know.  Already from the beginning of the video you see a hard clash between the dancers. There are the prima ballerina types who are all white women, elegantly leaping and stretching and dancing. Then there are the facelessblack women who are shaking their asses. Yes, faceless, literally every shot of the “twerkers” are only their asses. There’s also other groups of dancers which include some break dancers (which are all brown men,) and contemporary dancers (which is a group of white people and one girl with an afro.) Oh, yes, I forgot the cheerleading group which was all white cheerleaders and one black girl in the back. I just find it hard to believe that they couldn’t have a solid mixed group of people in each category. She pulled a Miley and Iggy and probably said something like “Well I want a more urban feel! But keep the safe ballerinas white!!” Literally the only group that had a saturation of black women was the twerking group. She even had them squat and shake their asses while she crawled through their legs! So edgy! So urban!

This is the problem I have with Taylor Swift. She’s always trying to convey herself as the innocent one who is “man worthy” (as if being man worthy is even important) while slut shaming other women for being sexual, or even just dressing in “short skirts” and “high heels.” All of the sudden now she wants to say, “To hell with the haters I can have as many problematic exes as I want! Now I’m going to be single and edgy! I’m going to shake it off! And to be single and edgy and sexual I have to dance with a bunch of ass shaking black women!  USE A BUNCH OF BLACK WOMEN AS PROPS

Long story story, Taylor Swift is not only a slut shaming misogynist, she’s ignorant and has obviously racist/stereotypical views of brown and black people. 

*starts post telling people not to watch the video so she can tell a load of crap without anyone questioning her* 😒😒😒😒 @ this post

I’m sorry… I don’t agree with all of this Taylor hate at all. This video is all about Taylor making fun of herself. Watch the video. Honestly. She’s saying, I’m not as sexy as these twerkers, I’m not as graceful as these ballet dancers, I’m not as co-ordinated as these break dancers. I have never been a huge fan of Taylor, but after watching this video I actually really had a fondness for her. I feel like you’re projecting here, in my eyes your accusations of Taylor are really a stretch.


Midland Theatre, Kansas City, MO. August 18th, 2014. 




PS. Trail runners. They’re on a whole other level. I’m panting and sweating up some steep, vertical climb, stopping frequently for water or photos or whatever, and all of a sudden a shirtless or scantily clad, sweaty blur will come flying around the bend, offering a polite but incoherent grunt of…



I got a little bit “ansel” with these approach shots. These are from the Tilly Jane trail that I hiked to get to the Cooper Spur trail. Shots looking up are of the peak of Mt Hood (the pointier one). The more distant ones are of Mt Adams.

Overall this was a pretty tough hike (10.7 miles, 4800 feet of elevation gain), but obviously very rewarding as well. The Cooper Spur is the highest point on Hood that you can hike to without ropes and serious mountaineering skills. Not gonna lie, I’m a little bit proud of this one!

Here is a map of my route, if anyone is interested.

Joni Mitchell – A Case Of You (15,113 plays)


An all time favorite

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She’s working with refracted echoes of sounds that came before, but Kimbra makes them golden.
Stream The Golden Echo from NPR Music’s First Listen. 

CHILLS. Ya gotta go lissssten, it’s free. FREE!


She’s working with refracted echoes of sounds that came before, but Kimbra makes them golden.

Stream The Golden Echo from NPR Music’s First Listen

CHILLS. Ya gotta go lissssten, it’s free. FREE!


Tiny Embroidered Animals by Chloe Giordano

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Pride and Prejudice (1995 mini-series) at Lyme Park

my other filming location shots

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Disney Princess Profiles

the diversity once it hit Ariel and beyond made me burst into tears. Oh Anna, dear sweet Anna, optimistic to a fault. :)

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